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Maresware Training Seminars
Presented by Mares and Company, LLC

Maresware Training seminars are usually offered in Atlanta, Georgia several times each year (also at other times and locations).

Subject: the use of Maresware software. See below for detailed information.

For those wishing onsite training please call for information.

The upcoming schedule for 2009 is:

Next training seminar: Not yet scheduled. Call The Norcrossgroup (770-242-6687) for information.
Call for additional schedules.

Maresware classes are generally held when sufficient registrants are grouped. If you wish to sponsor a class, please call and discuss. One on one training is available..

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Maresware seminars are usually held the first full week of the month, in alternate months. To verify dates not posted here and for other times and locations, please contact us.

Seminars are five days long. When there is a sponsoring organization, their seats are reserved first; beyond that, registration is open and on a first come, first serve basis. Contact Dan Mares by phone(770-242-6687 x 119) with any questions. To register, go to the bottom of this page.

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What You Will Learn

You will learn how to use the programs in Maresware: The Suite, which includes programs for computer forensics, data analysis, and information security. You will gain experience using Maresware :Computer Forensics software to conduct a forensic analysis of computers, with a significant amount of hands-on practice. In addition, you will gain an introduction to processing large amounts of data using Maresware: Data Analysis software. You will see a demonstration of the Hashkeeper paradigm, using our own Hash Set CD, and learn how to produce a variety of forensic analyses in seconds rather than minutes or hours.

We find that untrained Maresware users often underutilize the capabilities of this software. So, we start by familiarizing you with the capabilities of the software. Then you will be coached in developing new forensic procedures, many of which are simply unavailable with other software. We will show you Maresware pushed to its processing limits; only at that level can you fully appreciate its efficiency and flexibility for forensic and data analysis tasks. This experience in developing new procedures will enhance your ability to think outside the box in your day to day work--with whatever tools you use.

Discussions will include a comparative analysis of various forensic processing techniques. This is designed to broaden your own approach to forensic work as well as to strengthen your ability to defend your work in court or elsewhere.

The seminar is five (5) full days.


Who Should Attend

Maresware training is helpful to new users of our software and to current users who want to further explore the capabilities of the software. These seminars will also enhance your knowledge of how to properly handle and process electronic evidence and data.

Because Maresware has a wide variety of applications, our training seminars attract students from a wide variety of fields and specialties, including law enforcement, forensic attorneys, human resources staff, IT specialists, corporate security officers, and private investigators. Forensic auditors and fraud examiners who do financial (or contract fraud) investigations involving very large data files find our training invaluable. In short, anyone who uses computers to perform computer investigations or to analyze very large data files.



You need to have a thorough knowledge of command line syntax and know how to write batch files. (Many of the classroom exercises require that a batch file be written in order to complete the assignment.) A technical knowledge of the DOS and Windows operating systems is a plus, though not required.

We currently use the training facility at the Norcross Group which has sufficient desktop computers to go around. However, using your own familiar laptop is acceptable.



The fee for the seminar is $1300.00 per person ($1100. for government or law enforcement). Lodging is not included.

Deadline for registration and payment is generally 30 days prior to the starting date.

If your organization uses purchase orders or has an unusual payment procedure, please call to request special payment arrangements.


Cancellation Policy

If you cannot attend we encourage you to send a substitute. If you are unable to do so, we will consider a request for a refund of your registration fee, if requested no later than 14 days prior to the start of the seminar. When we can honor a refund request, the refund is reduced by a $100. service charge.


Discounts on Maresware Software Purchases

We furnish a copy of Maresware:The Suite for your use during the seminar. But because many of our students already have their Maresware, we do not provide a take-home copy as part of the registration fee. If you already have a licensed copy of Maresware,and you bring your license disk with you, you will receive the current version(at no cost) on the first day of the seminar. you bring your registration disk with you.

If you want to purchase the software, you must make your purchase directly from Mares and Company within 60 days of registering for the class. The discounted price is $300.( Maresware: The Suite normally sells for $410.) You may also purchase the software directly from Mares and Company at this discount price during the seminar.


Maresware Plus Training: An Optional Way to Purchase Maresware

This option is especially popular with those organizations who have a software budget but minimal training funds.

If you wish, you can obtain Maresware user training as part of your software purchase when you select Maresware: The Suite Plus Training. This provides savings over purchasing these separately. It also provides a purchasing option where budget restrictions limit training expenditures.


Maresware Training seminars are held int the training facility of The Norcross Group, 135 Technology Parkway, Norcross Georgia.

Before making hotel reservations please confirm with us the location of the training; we sometimes use alternate sites for the Atlanta area seminars.

This training location is about a 40 minute ride from the airport. Regular Airport shuttle service was available for approximately $27.00 each way. The hotels will furnish the phone number of the shuttle company.


How to Register

*By phone: Call (770)242-6687 to register with credit card payment.

*By fax, email, or mail:

1)Obtain the Registration Form in Word format : Get the form  or bring the form up on its own page (to view and print in your browser).

2)To complete your registration:

By fax: Call for fax number to fax registration form and credit card information.
By e-mail: Send registration form and credit card info. to: dan.mares @ norcrossgroup . com
By mail: Send registration form and your check or credit card information to:

The Norcross Group
135 Technology Parkway (suite 200)
Norcross, GA. 30092

You will receive registration confirmation by email.


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