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Maresware Software Is No Longer Available

About Maresware

As of early 2008 all Maresware is free. Just find a file and download it.

All Maresware is command line driven, and as such has gone out of style. However, the very useful (for those who know how to type) programs are still available here. Just check out the alpha indexes at the bottom of the page.

Short summary of the files

Those items indicated without a link or "special request" require an email or phone call to acquire. Only becuase i haven't yet uploaded the binary.

Add_recl help reformat (variable length) carriage return delimited records.
Bates_no will "rename" a file to add a bates number to the filename
Bsearch works with "FIXED, Mainframe compatable data" records to search fields for keys. CHSIZE change the size (up/down) of a file. available upon request
Collate Collate two "FIXED, Mainframe compatable data", files on the sorted field.
Compare Perform field comaprison on "FIXED, Mainframe compatable data", two files which are sorted on same field
Copy_ads Copy or extract the Alternate Data Stream file to a "normal" file which can processed with usual software.
Crckit Calculate the CRC of a file. Has many formatting output options
CSV2PIPE: Will convert a csv file to pipe delimeted. Special download request
DateConv Converts many binary dates to human readable. Can take text file inputs for bulk conversions.
Dater A simple calendar display. And much more
Diskcat A kisk-(&S command line (scripable) file cataloging program.
EML_Process Program to process .eml files and find/pull out ALL header information to a delimeted (Excel compatable) file
Filebreak A program to pick specified fields from a "FIXED, Mainframe compatable data" file.
Filsplit A program to split a large file to smaller pieces, for testing and other purposes.
Findrecl A program to find the record length of "FIXED, Mainframe compatable data"
FIXRECL: A program (special offline request) to make fixed length records from variable lenght CR/LF records.
HASH A program to calculate various MD5, SHA of files. Plus a lot more
Hashcmp Compares two files created with hash.exe to see which hashes match
HASH_LINES: A program to calculate the MD5 hash or each line in a text file. Special request
Hexdump A simple file to display the hex values of a file. Kiting A file which will take "FIXED, Mainframe compatable data", that has two date fields, and show the differenct
LEVELS: A program which (like diskcat) can show directories of only the top XX levels. Special request.
Mak_Html A program which takes filenames (in a tree, like diskcat), and creates a linkable html document to the files.
MD5 Program to calculate the MD5 and SHA of files. Various output formats are possible.
MDIR Program to display a directory listing. Better than explorer.
MdTemp Create tempory file with specific content for testing purposes
Modify Program to change file attributes. WIll do recursion
NIST_CRC Nist_crc is a program compiled from (slightly modified) source code obtained from the NIST/NSRL web site.
No_Html Program to remove most or all html coding from a file. Makes it easier to read
Pipefix Takes Pipe delimeted (|) files and makes them fixlength records for processing by the mainframe programs.
RM A program to remove and overwrite files.
RECYCLED_I: Program to parse the $I files extracted via a forensic software package. Special request.
ROT13 Convert ROT13 file to ascii readable
Sample Program to generate file of sample data to be used by other testing programs
Seadate Program to decode the Seagate disk manufacture date
Search Program to perform searches on a field(s) in fixed length records.
Setup_api Program to reform the setup_api log file to a more readable format.
Strsrch Simple Search of files for unlimited number of strings..
Total Totals or "counts" fields/columns in fixed length records..
Upcopy A forensically sound copy program.
URL_SRCH Search files for email addresses, URLS, IP, SSNs, Credit card numbers and more.
Verticle Turn delimeted records into multi line output for reoprt inclusion.
VSS Simple Mount of volume shadow copies.
X-Ways_metadata Program(s) to clean up the x-ways metadata field from the export file/report function.
AND MORE explanations to come. sha_verify.exe split.exe ssn_valid.exe strip.exe u_to_a.exe unique.exe unsplit.exe X-Ways_ID.exe

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